Tumblr recently changed their rules regarding adult content, fair game, it’s their website. If they felt like it was a good idea to abandon so many accounts and users of their service more power to them.

What happened though is their algorithm for flagging adult content is broken. Upon logging in to delete my account I had alerts that some of my images were flagged for inappropriate/adult content. This is a little alarming considering nothing I have ever posted online has any nudity or illegal subjects.

Tumblr really shot themselves in the foot by not only attacking accounts of specific subject matter but also writing such a shitty algorithm that is supposed to be looking for said material. It’s made me a little sour towards them as a whole; I put in three years of daily posts on my blog, took a year off and just last year started a new tumblr to begin daily posts again. It just feels like a HUGE waste of time invested into something that actually had followers only to be left behind because of someone else’s gripes with certain subject matter and terrible developers.

So heres to WordPress, a cocktail for you, a cocktail for me; possibly something sour in both of these.

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